Application procedure

Application procedures for the year 2022/2023 have been updated
Contact :

The application deadline is set to Spring 2022

Don’t hesitate to contact us beforehand or later if Microfluidics is the direction you are interested in !

Contact : Jacques FATTACCIOLI (Sorbonne U., Departement of Chemistry ENS, IPGG)

For the application, please include the following documents (preferably in a unique PDF file):

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. Past academic official scores and grading transcripts.
  3. Motivation/cover letter
  4. Name and contact details of two references (professors, internship advisors, etc.) who may be subsequently contacted for recommendations
  5. Recommendation letters are not mandatory but will be taken into account if they are relevant and balanced.

Students who already submitted an application through UPDUPMC, PSL or Paris-Saclay web sites are asked to nevertheless follow the procedure outlined here. Those who will be selected will be enrolled in one of the 3 Paris Universities. Then for formal/administrative reasons, those who will be chosen to become UPD, UPMC, PSL or Paris-Saclay students will have to complete the admission procedure on the corresponding university web site.