Microfluidics ?

Microfluidics can be seen both as a science (the study of the behavior of fluids in micro channels), a designing technology for lab-on-chips devices in physics, chemistry and biology, but also as a very broad conceptual framework at the mesoscale.

Instead of giving long and cumbersome descriptions, which can be easily outdated, let’s look at some of the research projects you can take part to by joining the Microfluidics degree :

O/W droplets used a high-throughput microreactors for biochemistry and diagnosis


lbc-sortingExample of a microfluidics sorting device based on the detection of the fluorescent intensity of the droplets in which a biochemical reaction takes places.
Source : LBC, ESPCI

Measurement of the hydrodynamics flow jetting out from a carbon nanotube by PIV



(Beginning) Insertion of a nanotube within the tip of a micropipette.  (End) Simulation of the hydrodynamic flow that develops at the micro scale away from the nanotube.
Source : Micromegas, ENS